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Thanks for great post. Absolutely very useful and inspired me. great


From Richard: Thank you all for your great feedback. Isn't it nice to read a heart warming story like this given all the doom and gloom we have to tolerate from the media outlets?

To Jeff Guinn - small world indeed but as you can tell, the Washburns have done magnificently. Tim Washburn is a wonderful man so if your curiosity has the best of you, give him a call and i am sure he will be happy to enlighten you about the deal.

Jeff Guinn

This is so funny, but I read the comments from the CoffeeCoffee.com buyer. The seller is from Columbia, MO. I looked at listing that business several years ago, actually several different times and it had some real problems with it? The seller had presold a lot of coffee and wanted to keep the income and not credit the buyer for what she had sold? It would be very interesting to see how that transaction actually happened.
Jeff Guinn
Certified Business Intermediary
Fellow of the IBBA
Senior Business Analyst
Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser
LGI Business Brokers
Columbia, MO


I am trying to determine the value of a retail coffee shop that I am looking to buy. The ownwers discretionary cash flow is $43,000.00. Each of the previous two years discretionary cash flow has been consistent with this year with small growth each year. The market value of the tangible assets is roughly $40,000.00. The shop is located ina an older mall with a Sears and Penneys as the anchor stores. Whats is the best method to value this business?

Dylan Garland

Great letter Richard - thanks for sharing that! As a fellow business owner I couldn't agree more with your comments, and stories like Tim's are great to hear. In these uncertain economic times it's a great feeling to be in control of your own destiny, and knowing that you're helping people in the process is the icing on the cake. Keep up the great work Richard!

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Great feedback and confirmation about your course Richard. I agree - if you operate a business that serves others genuinely you gain the reward of not only the financial success but the meaningfulness and joy of helping others - I enjoy what I do for a living because I help people like you succeed with their goals - selling their website businesses and for the buyers looking for a real quality internet business opportunity.
David Fairley

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