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Frank Artils (FX)

Hello Richard:

Once again right on point in your typical practical style.

As one who has suffered and continue to do, I agree with you EDUCATION + HARD WORK will get you there. In fact it may be the only way to compensate for the otherwise heartbreaking realities that will inevitably be encountered (from all players intermediaries, sellers and buyers alike) in the buy a biz process.

Again thanks for providing me a sense of business savvy and mind stabilizing reference point.

Last update: My last effort with the sale by owner of a business where I needed a somewhat complex earn-out contract, is not dead yet, but it inexplicably and unexpectedly (at least to me) gone into a stall. I was about ready to start a preliminary phase of the DD, when the seller seemed to have gotten cold feet... it is still alive, but this may be a classical, wait til a year goes by for the seller to see the light.

Best regards and again thanks for your blogs + advice. On this sad day of Steve Jobs passing, I want to say you may be the Steve Jobs of the business buy world.

RP: COMMENTS: Thank you FX - it is shocking to many people how many sellers fget remorse during this process and therefore knowing how to manage the seller is vital. Regarding your comments on Steve Jobs, it is indeed a terribly sad event. I actually will be doing a future post on his since there are a huge number of parallels to be drawn from his work and persona and buying a business. I truly believe he was the 'Leonardo DaVinci/Thomas Edison/Henry Ford/William Shakespeare' of our generation - all wrapped into one (to even be mentioned in the same breath is beyond humbling - thankl you!

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