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Don Barrick

Brent, your comments are cynical, in the extreme. Certainly, there are SOME of those Sellers out there, such as you mention. However, that is all cured by due diligence, appraisals and valuations. The same can be said for SOME Buyers, who want something for nothing, will pay 40 cents on the dollar for a valid business and have unreasonable expectations of value and the Sellers' responsibilities in the transaction. A good Broker helps the Seller get a top price for the proper value of all assets, reflictive of Cash Flow. A good Broker would also demonstrate to the Buyer the validity of those issues and how the business can be financed, in an understandable and responsible way. The generalizations you make suggest that you have not been working with GOOD Brokers, or that your own outlook is based on erroneous thinking.


The very core and essence of a company is to be viewed by all customers as the first and only choice. The easiest way to achieve that goal is to ensure that every customer experience results in a very satisfied loyal, frequent user customer who recommends your business to their friends and neighbors. It’s no secret that there’s a huge buzz for our Toppers brand pizza in Ontario, and we’re not shy about the fact that we’re now offering franchise opportunities there,either. Specifically, we’re initially targeting the Toronto and Ottawa markets – since there are way too many colleges and universities there to count – and guess who eats a lot of our product? Oh yeah – college and university students. Lots of them. business for sale in Ontario

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I would say its indeed quite risky nowadays to buy a business. So, may be this would be the reason, people are unable to decide instantly whats's good and what's bad, whom to trust and whom not to. Often we can hear news of fraud cases specially in this field. So, I would say one should be completely satisfied before start implementing rather take decision in a hurry and regret afterwards.

Business website on sale

I think buying a business needs good investigation of about What business, its past and present market conditions, its financial status, market reviews, and lots more that could not be explained in few lines. But that doesn't mean that anybody will behave in the way as you have described in your article. good lesson.

Account Deleted

I am also looking for a buying a business online. Indeed, keep patience if you are going to buy a business online, search in several directories, and explore some listings, contact business owners and brokers around. You guys must try these websites www.businessforsale.com or www.bizbysell.com

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Good article, you cleared my several assumptions.


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

business for sale

Business - buying is a process, which one should execute carefully. Before buying an existing business , one should investigate its past activities ,the financial, the market , the customers, the industry, the employees, the competition, its operations, its current status, and its future potential.

Brent Decker

Sellers try to rip off the buyers in 5 different ways.1-Inflated real estate values.Commercial buildings depreciate but the seller still wants what it cost them to build 30 years ago.2-Fully depreciated equipment ready for the junkyard but the seller wants what he paid for it.3-Inflated inventory values.Seller hasnt restocked since they put business for sale years ago.4-Cooked books designed to fool the IRS are useless to the buyer and the banks.5-Blue sky,sellers expect buyers to pay premium for business on books that wont pay the banker nor feed the buyers family.Brent Decker

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